Data Flows 2 Course

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Data Flows 2 Course

This course continues the introduction of the SSIS Data Flow Task and familiarizes the student with building their first version of an Incremental Load Design Pattern data integration solution using SSIS. Data Flows 2 includes the following course units, in order:

  1. Lecture: Data Flows 2
  2. Demo: Making Your First SSIS Package Re-executable
  3. Lab Exercise: Build a Real Data Flow, Part 2
  4. Final Quiz
  5. SQL and SSIS Solution Files


A certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete this course.


Your paid subscription entitles you to access this course – and this course only –  along with the course material for a period of one year beginning at the date and time of your payment.


Data Flows 1 Course


To complete the units in this course, you will need the following: